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Yanvar 30, 2009 7 şərh




They can tell u  many things  but it’s better to belaeve in ur eyes.  Don’t leave  !   just suffer and   watch  jewish  violence. They don’t do  it to protect themself, they just love  killing? they are getting pleasure from killing and to see Phalestinians  dead bodies  !  May be they are not from ur religion and ur nationality but they are humans  they have pain  !  persone who has the real human love in heart will have   great paing  from this  pictures  !  but think what  u would feel if  u were there ? what if the dead  children were urs ?   ur sister ur brother ? Jewishs are  talking about Holocost.  whatch the real holocost  by jewishs  ! Ətraflı…

İt’s normal that Israil bombing Philistin, I mean we should wait this ! !

Dekabr 31, 2008 2 şərh

Why ? ?  because everything shows that jewishs are  the  main political power. I have read many books about  jewish masons but never beleaved. I think nobody will accep that he or  his  country is beeing  ruled by another country Jewish. But last events happening in world politics pluraly shows that jewishs are the rulers of the world. Who gonna stop them? ?  who has that power ? USA ? EUROPE? ? All of them are  in jewishs power !  Who will stop Israil for  it’s crime in Phalastin.  I don’t belaeve that Phalastinians are the real terrorists. I think this is  jewishs politics. We have read many articles about  how  this  power countries manipulate armed groups.  Why USA didn’t accept Sudans offer about Bin Ladens extradiction? why usa let bin Laden go to Afqanistan? ? why the didn’t accept offer of Pakistan islamic party ? ?  Everything is obviouse. There were three country who could stand against Israil.  Iraq, Afqabistan and Iran. They had a little more power than other islamic republic. And they were hoting  temperred who wasn’t careing about world politics about jewish massons politic. Now Iran is alone and can’t do anything. I don’t say that those islamic countries were good countries but they were only countries who could stand against jewish and they are gone. What do u thing? is there jewish massonory or all off these are just accident ?