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mass grave- sign of genocide

23032009003Yesterday i was in Quba, Azerbaijan and  visited mass grave. This grave  was  found  in april 2007 during the  construction process  near  the  river.  Archaeologists explored 500 m² of ground and found   that there were burried more than 700  bodies. They were killed  with a special violence.  On most of  skelets there are signs of  sharp tools.

23032009004Historians are  sure that  people burried  here are the  victims of  genocide which was  realised buy armenians  against civil azerbaijany people in  1918. Officals say that  government have  talked  to  people before about march genocide with old citizens of Quba. And they knew that there are was  a mass grave. Many  people told  that  when  armenians killed  civil people in  Quba  they have  burried  bodies  somewhere in the upper side of the city. But noone knew the exact place.

But which a happy accident   the grave was found. Archelogist  kept some  places  untouched. They  hope that   historians and  archeologist from different countries  will come and  explore this parts themself. May be after that  they can  be sure about the things which happend  in 31 march 1918.

What happend  in  march 1918  in Quba ?

Tragedy in Quba was  the  part of  31 march genocide which  was done  my armenians against azeri people in 1918.

In 1918 there a special comission was created for investigating bloodshed  in  march. A. Novochiy was  the  head  of comission. He wrote  in his report.(this  report was  hidden and learly found)

In april 1918 when Baku was  on the hand  of  Bolsheviks David Gelovani representative of  bolsheviks came  to Quba with 187 armed soldiers and  announced  himself as  a  kommisar of Quba. He offered citizens to accept Soviets.  Citizens accepted  his offer.  He leanr the situation and  saw that citizens are  freindly.  He let free internmented armenians  from jail being sure about their safety.  It was  quit for some days. But one day lezgins  from surrounding  villages came to Quba and  offered  Gelovany leave the city with his army. Gelovany refused  lezgins offer. Lezgins began the fire. Gelovany had to leave  the city. When they leave he Gelovany forcefully took christians  with himself. While this shooting  some  christians  were killed they were armenians and  russians. Lezgins after this went away to there home.

After a week  or two an armed   crew moved  from Baku, Azerbaijan began moving  to Quba. Amazasp was the leader and  all soldier were armenians. Some citizen run away but most stayed. They would never think that something terrible can happen to them. They thought that bolsheviks  were coming.

Armed crew  have enetered to the city without difficulty. Occupation of city was held by  massacreing muslim citizens and doing  any kind of  violence to them. Armenians killed anyone who was on  there way, men, women even childrens. bursted in home and were killing whole family, even infant (syckling)babies(they were shooting  or notching by daggers on there mothers chest).

23032009009 23032009012

They were mocking at muslim citizens. For example  they asked honourable old men to bring them  muslim women. they  killed  anybody who was  rejecting.more than 2000 citizen were killed.  About 200 women were forced.

Crew  of Amazasm  on the way to Quba destroyed 122 villages. they killed  everyone even them who came to them with white flag for peace.230320090021

In the  statement of Gelovany it is written that Amazasp was sent to Quba with the wish of Shaumyan(one  of baku comissars)  to  punish muslims. Without conset of other kommisars. Tis fact  Amazasp conceded himself. he Said to Quba citizen “I’m the here of armenian nation and protector of his interests.  I was cent  here  with  the retributive perpose.  To take  the range of  armenians who were killed two weeks ago. I didn’t come  here to set  Soviet government. Iwas ordered to kill all muslims from Caspians sea to  mountain Shahdag as was done in Shirvan(city Shamaxi – part of  march genocide). But i ‘m forgiving  u .”

23032009014 23032009006


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    sizinle baglanti kurmak isterem

    dunya azeri genocide tanimali di

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