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Barcamp – Information Technologies and New Media un-Conference

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the BarCamp Caspian09 un-conference that will take place in Baku, Azerbaijan, on March 27-29, 2009






BarCamp Caspian is an International conference for Information Technologies, Internet and New Media specialists. 


It is a part of global BarCamp conference movement that is known for its open and constructive structure where everybody helps to organize and bring new ideas that make the context always new, interesting, helping and teaching.


The main idea of the BarCamp Caspian09 is to promote and exchange the current developments that are driving the global Internet industry, new media projects and the working life of those who are scientifically or professionally occupied in this field of activity.


The conference will consist of simultaneous 4 sessions which include presentations, workshops, messages and discussions, will be held at once, each of them being 30 minutes long. More than 50 presentations will be held during the day. Participants are free to choose any sessions and topics to visit and make presentations about.



·         Online journalists,

·         Bloggers, citizen journalism specialists

·         Web 2.0 developers, Internet projects managers,

·        Programmers and web-designers etc.



·         Web 2.0; Web projects; Start-ups

·         Social Networs, Blogs, Podcasts, New Media, Citizen Journalism 

·         E-commerce, E-business 

·         OpenSource, Programming,

·         Mobile Internet and technologies.


And all other topics connected with above.


participants from

Azerbaijan, former Soviet Union countries, Baltic and European countries, Turkey, Iran and all other countries



27-29 March, 2009, Qafqaz University, Baku, Azerbaijan

27 March, Friday: Arrival & City Tours for international participants, Opening night

28 March, Saturday: Presentations day

29 March, Sunday: Special sessions and additional events, Closing ceremony. 


Special buses will take participants from special meeting point to venue and back. Participants will be informed before.

Working languages



Russian and English    




·         No participation fee.

·         Free Coffee-break and snacks between sessions

·         Flexible and inexpensive lunch on conference days.


We are planning to give reimbursement for travel expenses of some participants, for motivation, who really need reimbursement and his/her participation and should be helpful for conference, but it depend our final budget and expenses. If You want to apply for reimbursement, please fill the application form on the next page and sent it to ilgar@barcampcaspian.org 


Deadline for reimbursement applying: 14th March, 19.00 (Baku time, GMT +4)

Date of announcement of results: 17th March


We’ll prefer to select applicants who:

·         Can present presentation

·         Who can help our team about organizing

·         Who already spreading information about BarCamp Caspian

·         Who can help us to find sponsor




For more information and registration, please go to www.barcampcaspian.org


Organizer: BarCamp Azerbaijan team.


Asef Zeynally 11/1, AZ1001, Baku, Azerbaijan

Phone: (994 12) 4921850

Mobile: (994 50) 6482737

E-mail: barcamp@barcampcaspian.org





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    Great site this journaleast.wordpress.com and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

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